Sunday, February 11, 2007

Laissez les bons temps rouler

It's good to be from the south. It's especially good to be from south Louisiana. Technically, I'm not from south LA, but my momma and my husband are, so that's good enough for me. Besides the beautiful swamps and vibrant culture, there is the food and (of course) the Mardi Gras. And yes, it is "the" Mardi Gras, because in South LA, that holiday is an actual living, breathing being.

Well, I don't live in Louisiana anymore (I went to school there), but I still manage to have a crawfish boil every now and then. And I always attend a Mardi Gras celebration. My particular party of choice is my cousin's bash in Austin...its complete with beads, gumbo, crawfish cornbread, king cake, bread pudding & rum sauce, and the world's best knock-you-on-your-butt Mardi Gras punch. Woo-hoo! But the best part may be that since it's a family event, you don't have to flash anyone to get your beads. You just have to walk through the door. But this year, I'm bringing my own -- and you can too (well, not to my party...but you get the picture).
I created this Mardi Gras bracelet for those who like a little more sparkle than can be had with the regular plastic beads (like me). In the traditional colors of purple, gold and green, this bracelet is crafted from gold filled wire and adorned with hand wrapped clusters of amethyst, chalcedony and freshwater pearls. It's finished with a gold filled "pearl clasp" so it's easy to put on by yourself.

I made a few, so if you'd like one, visit my Etsy store to purchase. Cheers.

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