Sunday, February 11, 2007

Everyone Needs a Signature

The word "signature" conjures up different images for different people. It could be a stamp of approval, something you're know for, or a binding agreement. In my case, is a line of stationery that bears my personal artistic and creative signature.

Each Signature cards begins with white 98lb felt-finish cardstock. I then choose different combinations of handmade artisan papers, wire, beads, glass, die-cuts, and anything else I find interesting and create a story for the front of the card. The back side of the card is printed with the Signature logo and stocking information, so it looks as if the sender (that'd be you) purchased the card at some swanky boutique (but I won't tell). All adhesives used are acid free, and any embellishments that could poke or stick you (like the wire on the inside of the card) are covered with a transparent vellum sheet. The idea here is to let the recipient see that the cad was handmade...not something that you find is a standard "store bought" card.

Single Signature cards (4.25" x 5.5") come with both inner vellum and outer felt-finish envelopes. The outer envelope is made from heavy 70lb text paper and has a deckle edge on the back flap. The inner vellum envelope protects the card from the weather or other en route disasters, though I don't recommend that you use the PO as the first method of deliver for these cards. They're pretty enough to be tucked in a gift or delivered by hand.

During holiday times, Signature cards are offered in sets of 5 (cards measure 3.5" x 4.875"). These cards do not have inner envelopes, but you can choose between vellum or felt-finish outer envelopes. The vellum one are great for gift enclosures, the felt-finish for mailing.

Visit my Etsy store for all the Signature cards currently in stock. Cheers.

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