Press + Sightings

August 2011: As seen on "Going Green with Yolanda Green"

October 2008: Featured in HOUSTON Magazine

May 2008: Spotted on

May 2008: Spotted on

November 2007: Article in Fort Bend and Katy Lifestyles and Homes Magazines

August 2007: Press Release for EUTECTIC being accepted to Hi Art Gallery in San Marcos, TX

August 2007: Spotted on La Mode D'Indie Blog

August 2007: Spotted on Envision Blog

July 2007: Spotted on as part of a favorite Etsy pick

July 20, 2007: EUTECTIC handcrafted jewelry is a featured line on the Fashion page of the Worldwide Talent Database

July 2007: Packaging for EUTECTIC chosen for Flickr Group mosaic

July 2007: Press release for launch of EUTECTIC handcrafted jewelryOPENPRESS)

May 2007: Little Rock, AR lifestyle reporter wearing a piece from the first EUTECTIC collection