Thursday, October 13, 2011

New location in Montrose!

EUTECTIC and Happysun jewelry will soon be on display at Space in Montrose. Space is a great little boutique/shop that my friends and I stumbled upon last Saturday after having lunch at Cafe Brasil (yum!). Most of their products are handmade (awesome) and quite a few are local (even more awesome). In their own words, Space is "connecting artist, designers and innovators to the Houston community and the world through an Exhibition Style Retail Experience. Visit Space to interact with local brands and rekindle inspiration. Exhibitions in Space are constructed with a green standard keeping our planet in mind."

I left some stuff with them today, and I'll be headed back there next Wednesday to bring some display stuff. If you're in the neighborhood, check them out. Right now, they have an exhibit up by artists/illustrator Lisa Chow. I want to buy all her artwork and put in "the kid's"'s so cute! Hey, how 'come the 3-year-old gets all the cool art???

I'll post some pics next Wednesday.

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