Thursday, September 1, 2011

New tutorials coming soon

So, I bought a "bag of rags" (unsold/stained t-shirts) for $4 from the Pennywise Resale Center in Richmond not too long ago. I was thinking that for $4 I'd get a grocery bag full of old T's, so I bought two. After paying for them, the ladies haul out two *GARBAGE* bags full of T's. Yikes! That's a lot of T-shirts!

Some of them I made into rags...they were pretty yucky. But with the nicer ones, I made reusable grocery bags (tutorial coming soon), fabric flowers (another tute), and drawstring pouches for my jewelry packaging (and yet another one). And I still had a PILE of shirts leftover. Now what???

I've gone through my pile, and now I'm ready to share the rest of what I thought up to do with the t's...but it's gonna take me a while. I've photog'ed some of the ideas, and some I'll have to recreate for you, but I thought I'd pass them along so you can reuse your old t's instead of throwing them in the trash.

Until I get some stuff up, check out these links to other t-shirt reuse tutorials:

PS - if you live in the Richmond/Rosenberg/Sugar Land area and like to thrift, you need need need to stop by the Pennywise stores (bonus: they benefit the Fort Bend Women's Center). On Wednesdays, all clothing is 40% off. At the Stafford location, they have a selection of $1.00 T-shirts. On Wednesdays, they're only $0.60!!!! Can't beat that!

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