Monday, July 11, 2011

Two posts in one day?!?!?! Can't be!!

Yep, it can. And here it is:

Join myself and other fellow "green" artists and crafters at the Houston ReMarket this Saturday from 9am - 1pm in the Old MHMRA Parking Lot (2850 Fannin). There will be a food truck and music from local Houston artists as well.

Don't know about the ReMarket? Here's what the creators have to say:

Houston Re-Market is put together by a group of people who really enjoy fostering entrepreneurship, reusing valuable materials in innovative and creative applications, bartering, and making stuff with their hands! The Re-Market is the brainchild of Mike Cannon (Greeni co-Founder). Working together with his sunshine, Paloma Garner (Greeni co-founder) and a whole bunch of awesome friends, the Re-Market is finally becoming a reality. Come join us for this monthly celebration and be a part of making the Re-Market a Houston landmark!

Come hang out and get your sweat on!

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