Thursday, July 19, 2007

Summer images may wane, but words will not

'Travels with William' by MugouxHouston author Mugoux (said like moo-goo for your non-Frenchies) just published her first book Travels with William, which promises to be a great summer read. And just to tease, here's part of the excerpt from Chapter 2 found on her website:

A parade of glass cases stuffed with geometric pastry poufs saturated in honey and cream crawled along dingy, Pepto-Bismol pink walls.

“Let’s go in.”

“I don’t see any food though,” I whined. “Just sweets.”

William was entranced. He was being sucked in.

There was no one under 65 in the whole room and it was packed. Elderly ladies and gentlemen sat sipping coffee and clear fluids obviously not water. No one drinks water from glasses that small. The ceiling swooped up at least fifty feet and there was a dark balcony with tables that made a circuit around the perimeter. I imagined a man of 71 dressed in a dark mourning suit. He was concealed up there with his mistress of 58. He’d just come from the funeral of his wife. He was hunched over his mistress. He was trampling on her white wool coat that had fallen to the floor as he lunged for her, licking the cream from the corner of her mouth. Her coral lipstick streaked his shirt collar.

Travels with William is avilable at indie bookstores across the nation and online through the AuthorHouse Bookstore. Here in Houston, go to Brazos Books or Blue Willow Bookshop to purchase your copy. Cheers.

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