Thursday, July 12, 2007

"I don't want a pickle...

...I just want to ride my motor-sickle." Motorcycle, that is, for those of you haven't heard that song. I don't own a motorcycle (though I really Really REALLY want one), but I may soon. I won't be able to ride it, but that's okay.

Barefoot Drums of Houston creates super cool motorcycles, jeeps, tanks, and helicopters from scrap metal and leather (yes, real leather for the seats). These items not only make great gift for the military man or gearhead in your life, but the proceeds support a great cause.
"I'm a Child Advocate 'Lifer'!" says Ken, the artist and spokesperson behind Barefoot Drums of Houston. "I created this company to generate funds to support my non profit organization that helps abused women and children. When you purchase items from the website, all proceeds goes towards the process of financing a much needed project." Ken and Barefoot Drums of Houston is working toward building the "Barefoot'in" Safe House for abused women and children.

Speak to Ken and you can tell how enthusiastic he is about the project. His emails include many smiles and exclamation points...this guys really does care about what he's doing. He's even got his cause tattooed across his back...
To support his cause or to purchase a handmade motorcycle or other "scrappy" art piece, visit the Barefoot Drums of Houston website. You can also check out this video on YouTube. Also on the site are links to information about other charitable organizations and resources for abused, neglected, or missing women and children.


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