Thursday, June 28, 2007

Picasso was a Cubist

No, that's not a bad thing...and neither is this:
Based in Montrose, Cubist Literature creates one-of-a-kind garments from vintage and recycled clothing by sewing on cute little (sometimes big) appliques. Bunnies, owls, hearts, and other strange creatures adorn t-shirts, sweaters, pants, jackets, and other items. Cubist Literature also offers hand-spun yarns, buttons, art, and even music in his Etsy shop. He'll even stitch stuff on your own garmets (in case you don't trust your bod to vintage sizing).
As you can see, he's a pretty decent photographer. Check out the Cubist Literature Flickr page for more pics of current and past items as well as other nonus (you know...people, places, and things).



The Happy Hippie said...

I linked your blog and shop on my blog, your stuff is way cute! :]

"a rare thing" said...

Well thank you, thank you! I like your blog too. :)

The Happy Hippie said...

Thanks for linking! :] It doesn't work though, lol. Just figured I'd let ya know! Thanks again though!

craig-hunter said...

Thanks a lot!
Love yr blog. =)

"a rare thing" said...

Oops...your link works now. I never claimed to know how to type. :)