Monday, February 26, 2007

Different by desgin

"Romeo and Juliet," "West Side Story," "Smallville"...okay, so maybe "Smallville" is a stretch, but the idea is there: boy meets girl, boy likes girl, boy is not fated to have girl. Suffice to say that in the movie biz, there's nothing new under the sun. In fact, one can say that about most industries. Jewelry design is no exception.

It's tough to be a jewelry designer and create something truly unique. Everyone has a pair of chandeliers, a pair of gemstone drops, a pair of diamond studs; everyone has a gold bangle and a single charm necklace. The challenge then becomes not to create something new, but to reinvent something old, to innovate, to improve.

Looking through some photos the other day, I stumbled upon a shape and an idea. The idea swam around in my head for a bit before it finally drove me nuts and I had to get into the shop and start twisting. Turns out, it was a pretty good idea. See for yourself:

Now, this is not a great graphic (I scanned in the first two earrings...too lazy to photograph). But the idea is nice: mixed metal hoop bases with dangles and chains. Work with me here... I don't have a soldering torch. I really, really, really want one, but until I get one, I've got to improvise. So I twist hoops. But I don't like your standard twisted hoop, so I covered the twists with gold wire. And that's the framework for the whole collection.

Now you're probably thinking that it was very silly of me to share my idea before I've completed my work...someone may "borrow" the idea and use it for their own. And you are probably right. But I like to share my process, I like for you to be able to see what actually happens inside my head. I think that it's more fun that way.

So if you "borrow" my idea, give it back. Or at least wait for me to develop my line and then give me your feedback. Who knows...I may even create a piece named after you.


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