Monday, February 12, 2007

Mixed metals are cool

There's something so cool about mixing gold and silver. You can't look pretentious with only a smattering of gold, but the combination looks so rich, you'd swear it was "designer." And by combining the two, you get jewelry that you really can wear with everything.
I created these earrings for a friend's birthday. She's got great style, and I wanted to give her something that looked very chic and modern but still had an artisan flair. But nothing too flashy...that just wouldn't be right. So a simple double silver hoop with gold wire wrapping and tiny smoky quartz was just the ticket. The earrings are just shy of 1.5" long, so they're appropriate for both daytime and evening wear. They're sophisticated enough to wear to dinner, but laid back enough to wear on the weekend.

I think I'll make a pair for myself.


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