Thursday, September 18, 2008

Update after Hurricane Ike

Hurricane Ike has been all over the news, so I’m sure that you’ve all seen and heard at least a little bit about the damage caused to Galveston and surrounding areas.

Our home in Sugar Land suffered almost no damage. We lost a small part of our fence and one shingle from our roof. It could have been so much worse, and I think God that He watched over our family during the storm.

I am sad to say that Simply Art Gallery, one of the locations that carries my jewelry, was probably completely destroyed during the storm. The gallery is located in Galveston on the Strand. It had 9 feet of water in it, and I am certain that there is extensive damage to the building and that much of the art was lost.

I have received an email from the one of the owners of the gallery…both owners made it through the storm safe and sound and will go back to salvage what they can of their homes and the Gallery when power and water services are restored to the island.

My heart goes out to all of the people of Galveston, Kemah, and the surrounding areas that felt the full force of Ike’s wrath. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers, and I look forward to visiting a rebuilt Strand and Kemah Boardwalk soon!

With love,

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