Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dark Heat

And here is yet another fabulous example that art is alive here in Houston, this time by artist Marilyn Cassidy.

Whether she actually meant to capture Houston in her art, I can see the waves of heat rising up from the concrete in "Burn Red" (left) and the blurred motion that is the Houston nightlife in "BluePhire" (right).

Using oil and canvas, the images and color combinations that Cassidy creates range from stark to soft. Her paintings are emotional and sensual, and in her newest works, she combines dark and light, teasing the viewer with dashes of color. “...because I work large, painting is a whole body experience; I dance with the canvas.”

For more information about Cassidy or to purchase her paintings, visit her website and fill out a contact form. You can also check out her profile on the Worldwide Talent Database. Cheers.

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