Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Four Eyed Monsters

You gotta watch this film. It's 71 minutes long, so pause it and let it load a bit before you view. Go surf their website for a while and then pop some popcorn, prop up your feet, and enjoy.

These guys aren't from Houston, but I posted anyway because I think this film is important. It will speak different messages to everyone who watches. I left my feedback as a comment. Let me know what you think too.


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"a rare thing" said...

I'm glad that you extended the viewing time of the film, or else I never would have seen it.

But I'm torn. Do I love it or hate it? I'm not sure. I think I love it.

I thought that the film itself was great. Though provoking, interesting, artistic, personal. People want to communicate but can't find the right medium; you feel it's almost impossible to really "put yourself out there" as an individual. We fear rejection. We're tired of failure. We wonder if there will ever be a time that people actually "get" us.

But the film was also scary. I'm not quite sure I understand the need to document, to validate.
I guess I lived the tumultuous part of my life before there were options like streaming video and video phones...I had "pen pals," I passed notes, I listened to music. But the response time was so slow on all of these that in the mean time, I decided to live. Maybe that's why I feel the need to rip the earbuds out of your skull and scream "Hey...there's a world out here. Get out of your own head and try living!"

And then I get mad and confused and post on a blog. Go figure...

And herein lies the beauty of a great piece of art: the response it draws from the observer. You guys did a great thing in making this film. I do hope that you take time away from the creating and really look at on the creation. What was really made here...a movie, or a relationship?

Yep, I think I love it. Cheers.