Tuesday, June 26, 2007


There's just something beautiful and soothing about circles and rings. They symbolize life, love, journeys, ripples, movement...what other shape is so amazing? Houston artist Orna Feinstien shows us rings at their most magnificent.

The images above are from her "Branched and Rooted" series of monoprints (what's a monoprint?). Specializing in monoprints and other mixed media, Feinstein is inspired by the beauty, texture, and energy of nature. The "Branched and Rooted" series deals specifically with imagery of trees, their trunks, branches, and roots.

Feinstein has won numerous awards and participated in both exhibitions and juried shows throughout Houston and across the nation. Her work is available for viewing and purchasing at the Anya Tish Gallery in Houston.

Surf beautifully. Cheers.

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