Thursday, August 2, 2007

Resources for networking

I've recently joined two online community sites that have helped me find new Houston artists and crafters to post about. Here's the info:
This online community for Houston artists lets you build a free profile and link back to your website. Free is good, linking is good...this site is just plain good!! I've found so many cool people from this site, I can't wait to post about them!

I really like two things about this site.

  1. You can browse by artist TYPE (i.e. jewelry, art car maker, chef, musician...). And they include all kinds of art types, not just visual. good for us who aren't considered typical "artists."
  2. It has an awesome calendar to which you can post your events and openings. People looking for art in Houston can see where you're going to be. How cool is that?
Here's a link to my profile if you want to see what one looks like.
The title says it all...this is a database for talent. Photographers, musicians, models, designers, and artists can create free profiles and network. I found Marilyn Cassidy and Sophisticated Bitch there, and I've got a few more people to post about coming up. You can search by city and by type, which is neat. Plus, they let you put up a lot of artwork.

Networking is an important part of the DIY and indie communities. Since our advertising budgets are generally low, we have to create our own buzz and followings. Putting profiles out there is one way to do it.

Now get busy and go network! :) Cheers.


27 said... is also a great portfolio site (and free!). it is juried though, so you have to be accepted in order to display your creations.

"a rare thing" said...

You're right about that one. They really like for you to have a true retail site in order to be accepted (Etsy, etc. not the best). I applied when I was still in the starting stages, but as soon as my website goes completely live, I'll apply again.

Thanks for reminding me. :)