Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I was sick yesterday...

...and didn't post. So here's a double whammy for you (to make up for my slacking).
Katinka Pinka on EtsySan Marcos designer Kaite Wallace likes all things pink and imperfect. She takes vintage fabrics, beads, bags, and more and remakes them into pretty little things to wear and carry. I discovered her at a show here in Houston, and even though she's not from here, I thought I'd post her anyway. San Marcos isn't too far away...

Kaite's line is called Katinka Pinka, and it's available through Etsy.

Working in both watercolor and oil, Houston artist Selma Cooper's current work is focused on creating oil renderings of flowers. But these flowers aren't your ordinary still life...they're big and bold, and they are really more of a study in texture, color, and shape than actual flowers. But that's why they're so cool.

Cooper's painting can be found in the Reef Gallery in Key Largo, FL and Sheldon Fine Art gallery in Naples, FL; her work is also available through her website.

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