Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I used to be a gamer

Seriously...don't laugh! Now I'm too busy with other stuff (though I still can spend the entire weekend parked in front of my PS2), but I still like to remember the good old days. Like when I used to read a lot of comic books...
Art by Mark LyonsI ran across Houston artist Mark Lyons's profile on TalentDatabase.com the other day and thought I'd share. Besides creating some awesome surreal artwork, his pen and ink drawings are excellent and superbly detailed. And what really caught my eye is that he illustrates comic books (a personal fave...my 2nd cousin used to pen The Amazing Spider-Man).

Mark has a comic book/graphic novel coming out this Fall called The Plague Doctor. To find out where to purchase his comics or any of his other artwork,visit his MySpace page or take a look at his Talent Database profile.


Candita said...

Mark Lyons is awesome! I am proud to know him personally!
I am so glad that you gave him props!

Anonymous said...

Well, the instructions at the top are telling me not to post anything negative, so I am not sure what to say now... Uhm... The layouts on his work seem good?

Anonymous said...

Is calling the person who made the previous comment a vapid retard too negative? His comics are brilliant!

LizardMonster said...

He also does some of the artwork for the band The Krum Bums.....check it out. He's amazing!