Friday, July 6, 2007

Worth 1000 words...

Or so they say... I think pictures are worth more than that -- they are a look into someone else's head, they form a connection between people. And if you're lucky, sometimes you find just the right one.
Marilyn Devenport PhotographyHouston fine-art photographer Marilyn Davenport has been bringing us beautiful pictures since 1970's. She has worked with film, digital, and black & white mediums on subjects ranging from Fashion to Architecture. She also hosts a blog in which she posts advice, inspiration, and "How-To's" for aspiring photographers.
Marilyn Davenport PhotographyDavenport has received numerous awards, and her "Vintage Vegas" series has been accepted into Houston's FOTOFEST 2008.

All of the photography on her website is available for purchase. Consider this as your insider's sneak peek: purchase her work before may not get to after she becomes an international superstar! :) Cheers.

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