Wednesday, July 4, 2007

In stitches

If you were an artist and somone came and took away all your pencils and paintbrushes, how would you keep creating? How about quilting?

Houston artist Kay Cox did just that. Practiced in several different art mediums (pottery, watercolor, charcoal, sketching), Cox is now bringing her sketches to fabric. "I am really having fun enlarging these drawings [sketches] and putting them to fabric. Must be something about giving them texture. All those years of working in clay seems to still be an influence...always seeking texture." Did I mention that she used to be a potter?

So far, Cox has created two other quilts like this one (here and here). She is a member of WIVLA and an Artist Way group that has met twice a week for the last 8 years. For more information or two see her work "in the fabric," check out her blog and send her a note.


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