Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tammy hates the "B" Word

Didn't we all wish we were Barbie at least once in our childhoods? The cute boyfriend, the nice house, the great hair, the horses, the cars, and ALL THOSE SHOES! Not local Houston photographer Debra Rueb...she wanted to be Tammy, a Barbie alternative that we can now all identify with thanks to Debra's cheeky and fun photography. Taking widely used cliches, puns, and metaphors, Debra uses Tammy to create images that we can all identify with... "the 'B' word" or "standing in someone else's shoes."

Debra has been working as a professional photographer since the 70's. Her work includes portraits, commercial photography, travel and adventure, and other subjects. Her works have been published in newspapers and magazines as well as featured in local and internatioanl exhibitions, and she was a participant in Houston's Fotofest. Debra is a member of WIVLA and currently teaches photography at Alvin Community College.

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