Wednesday, November 1, 2006

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This site serves as the portal to the Rara Avis universe as well as our blog dedicated to promoting and supporting Houston based artists and artisans. Click on the links on the left under "About Rara Avis" to learn about the company and our graphic design services. To shop our products, visit the sites listed on the right under "Shop Rara Avis." Read through the posts below for daily spotlights about Houston-area people and businesses.

Houston is the 4th largest city in the US and home to people of many different walks of life. We also have a great pool of local artists, designers, musicians, and other craftspeople who create everything from jewelry to jam. The site is updated on a daily basis (or as close to daily as I can get), so check back often to discover new Houston folks!

If you are an artist or know someone who deserves posting, email me and tell me about them.

Rara Avis is a Graphic Design and Creative Projects company. Self-taught designer and DIY rebel Stevie Ballow established Rara Avis in 2005 with the idea that graphic design should be accessible to not only large companies, but to small ones as well. Today, the company has grown to include both design for personal projects (wedding and event invitations, stationery, holiday cards, etc.) and production of several different handmade product lines -- a jewelry brand called Eutectic and three stationery brands.

At the heart of Rara Avis is a strong sense of community and a DIY spirit. Stevie has always been "crafty" and believes that it is important to foster confidence and independence in young artists and entrepreneurs, schooled or self-taught. The company is dedicated to giving new businesses and individuals the power to control their image and promote themselves on their budget. In line with that mission is this blog, dedicated to showcasing local talent and edited with love by the designer herself.

EUTECTIC handcrafted jewelry
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WIVLA - Women on Visual and Literary Arts (Houston, TX)

HWSA - Houston Women's Soccer Association

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